Car Transport

You want to hike through the Pallas-Yllästunturi national park and you don’t know how to get back to you car?
Don’t worry about it: We will bring your car to you!

During the hiking season we offer a car transfer service to make sure, that when you start your hike at one point and exit at another point, that your car will be already there, making the continuation of your trip more convenient!


For instance: Car transfer from Hetta to Pallas – or vice versa – 90 € per car
(no additional fees for car parking)

How does it work?

Koru Laakso Pysäköinti, HettassaFor example, if you are planning to hike from Hetta to Pallas, you can leave your car in front of our shop, in which you can drop your keys. From our shop it is just about 200 meters to the harbour, from where you can take a boat ferry to cross lake Ounasjärvi, which can also be arranged by us. If you should arrive after our opening hours (Mo-Fri 09-17) please contact us beforehand on where to drop your keys. Unless agreed differently, you can pick up your car keys in the reception of the hotel in Pallas.

Hotelli Pallas PysäköintiIf you are planning to hike from Pallas to Hetta, you can drop your keys at the reception of the hotel (or leave them somewhere else – on agreement). Just make sure to contact us about your plans before hand, as we don’t have our own staff in Pallas.
In Hetta you can pick up your keys and your car from our shop, just about 200 meters from the harbour. You can additionally also use our boat ferry service to cross lake Ounasjärvi. If you should arrive outside our office hours (Mo-Fri 09-17) please let us know in time, so we can organize another way to make your keys accessible.

The car transfer is also available for other destinations in the Enontekiö area, for example to Kalmakaltio. For further prices, booking, or more information please contact us.